Just had Northstar move my studio again. This is our eighth move with them and they always do a great job! Fred, Josh, Chris K, Wilbur, Steve, Lloyd, Jorge M and Sammy made it all seem effortless. Thanks again!

Thank you for your generous support of the 3rd annual LMGI Awards Show.

Your partnership with the guild has been instrumental to our growth. Our membership appreciates your active involvement.

The show was a tremendous success. We could not have done it without the support of our devoted sponsors and friends of the guild. We are very grateful for your continued support throughout the years.

We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,

Nancy Haecker
President, LMGI

location managers guild letter


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for NorthStar Moving Company. NorthStar provided moving services for the load-in and load-out of the Women In Green Forum, a professional event in the Santa Monica Mountains. We were very pleased by their service. NorthStar’s project manager was very responsive leading up to the event and the onsite crew was professional, friendly, and prompt. NorthStar’s excellent service was integral to the event’s success and I Hope to work with them on other productions in the future.

Sincerely, Jenna Petersen
Event Manager

Women in Green Forum Recommendation Letter to NorthStar Moving

Thanks for another easy move! Couldn’t have done it without the crew Gadi sent me this time – Jacinto, Robert, Jovany, Daniel and Alvarez. They were a great crew of hard working, professional, helpful, and best of all cheerful guys! They were on time and on budget. Another home run for NorthStar Moving! See you next time! It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Dear Ram,

It is with great pleasure that I provide my recommendation of your organization.

NorthStar had provided me with moving services to relocate my headquarters office of approximately 11,000 SQF, and demonstrated good customer service, professional moving services, alongside courteous team members throughout the process.

I would recommend your organization and services to companies who seek professional moving providers.

With respect,

Amit Y. Kleinberger
Chief Executive Officer
Menchie’s Global Headquarters

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

I would like to thank you and especially the four guys who helped us in our office move from Century City to Glendale on December 29 and 30th. The guys were punctual, polite, courteous and very helpful at all times. They packed up the office with expertise and everything was handled with great care. If any futures move takes place I would certainly use your company again.


Trish Bohan
Quebecor Petty Printing Company

Recommendation Letter from Quebecor Petty Printing Company

My name is Jay Abraham; I am the president of the Abraham group. We’re in Torrance, California. But I am probably known better not for my business but for my work, by the way I teach people, how to operate their businesses at the highest strata of integrity and ethos. I stand for ethics, integrity and highest and best conduct and respectful conduct to your clientele. When I put my reputation and my integrity and my international track record on the line to tell you that you should be using NorthStar Moving, it should tell you, we are exhilarated, with the treatment we got. We are monumentally impressed with their professionalism and their people and staff are exquisite, you will be very very gratified that you chose them. I had the good fortune in my career to experience world class people, average people, mediocre people and out right poor performing people. I am sitting in front of a camera today to urge you if you have a move coming up to deal with only extraordinary people and there is an extraordinary organization that we used for our move to our office and they are outright exceptional, in fact, exceptional is probably an understatement and I am very loath to overstate anything. It’s NorthStar Moving, they are based in the northern part of Los Angeles, they serve a board base of clientele, they are exceptional in literally everything they do, except they are not exceptionally high priced. It’s rather remarkable that they can be world class in their service, world class in their attention to detail, world class in their understanding of what it is like to be in a position of moving, whether you are moving up or down, moving sideways, moving out of the area, and they have empathy, they have professionalism in a level that I don’t think I have ever seen before and they have the ability to make your move as painless, as problem free and as pleasant, and positive as is humanely possible. More importantly, the people behind it are extraordinary in their commitment to really make the experience something very very positively memorable. They dedicate enormous amount of staff, enormous amount of support, enormous amount of pre moving involvement, making certain that the transition you make from house to a house, from a house to an apartment, from an apartment to a house, a house to another part of the country, is the least traumatic and the least stressful it can be. Something that really impresses me about them and it should impress you too is that your peers, other men and woman, in similar situation, who have moved, from all over Los Angeles and have checked out the entire scope of options, alternatives and providers have nominated them as the ultimate, they won more awards, more distinctions, and to peer to peer, judgment which is Yelp, they are runaway, the highest rated, probably more genuine testimonials, more video endorsement, more lavish praise for everything except their prices because their prices are omni competitive. They’re not the premium price provider, but they are the premium provider, in what you want. Attention, concern, support, respect for you, your situation, your furniture, your attitude, your children, your dogs, they have service providers that can take care, everything- they even have dog taken care of, children taken care of, dinner ready, refrigerator restocked, they are rather incredible people. If you don’t seriously, not just check them out, but talk to people who used them, you will be very very sorry, you’ll be sorry because a lot of moves can be traumatic, a lot of moves can be very frustrating, a lot of movers don’t do what they say, come when they say, respect you or your property like they say and the end result is a trauma that lives with you for a long time. I rarely do any kind of testimonial endorsement for anybody, not paid to do this. The only motivation behind me doing this is the urge to help make certain that you make the right decision for yourself, your family, your furniture, your future and your physiological well being. I couldn’t encourage you enough to favor NorthStar Moving with your move. It will be the wisest decision you make in beginning with the new phase of your life. Whether it is here, whether it is out of town, they are exceptional, they are someone that you can absolutely trust. What they say they do. Their reputation is unimpeachable and they are people that you will be very very very comfortable having entrusted your move to. It’s about all I can say, except, honestly talk to them, invite them to come out and look at your situation, talk to people who have already been blessed to chose them, don’t make a decision, based on saving a few dollars, don’t make a decision based on spending a lot more money. Make the decision on the criteria that is the wisest, basic purpose of choice: what other like minded people, large and small, moving up or down on the continuum have had to say they are not lying , they are not gaming the system, you can’t game the system when you have four or five hundred video testimonials, you can’t game the system when you have dozens and dozens of awards. You can’t game the system when the most discriminating and publicly exposed organization use you as their designated mover. You should use them too. Thank you.

This communication is intended to describe our brilliant experience with Northstar Moving.

In June, the expected (even if unwelcome) announcement was made that our office space had been sold to new owners. Lucky for them, goodbye ocean-view for us. And then, there was the move itself, to arrange.

As if on cue, Ram Katalan and Northstar Moving made our acquaintance. We had a walk-thru for an estimate to move our approximately 1,500 SF space, with typical office components and accessories: desks, computers, file cabinets, couches, tables, chairs, printers, copiers, faxes, paintings, coffee-maker, mugs, doodads, tchotchkes…it was endless. 

And who doesn’t remember packing up their first, small space or office, thinking that setting aside a few boxes and a couple hours “ought-a do it.” AND, your friend with an F-150 owed you a favor. Then, “reality” materialized. Probably several days, dozens of hours and that haunting, self-loathing (for discovering six reams of unused legal paper and a case of coffee stirrers), have left an indelible scar on your psyche. 

Such was the frame of mind. Ram was most nonplussed. 

“We’ll do that. We’ll do that. We’ll do that,” was his refrain to every gesture towards an unwieldy object or over-stuffed cabinet. And they DID. 

The crew came, assessed, packed and moved it all in a day. No muss, no fuss, and best of all, no damage. Just like they said. 

All the while, I kept expecting an unwelcome surprise, an unexpected complication – didn’t happen. 
Having been the veteran of a number of personal and professional moves, I’m qualified to say that Northstar Moving has been the best experience I’ve had. 

With gratitude to Ram Katalan and his crew, 

Maureen Ruiz
The Abraham Group

Recommendation Letter from The Abraham Group

Thanks to Ram and his crew for moving my home staging inventory from two different locations to my new warehouse. It was a long day, but everything got there in one piece and the customer service was amazing. I always refer NorthStar to my staging clients who need professional moving services and I’ve never had one complaint! Great job!

On behalf of Global Green USA’s Board of Directors, and our Los Angeles Committee, I want to thank you so much for supporting our Eighth Annual Pre-Oscar Party. Thanks to your in kind donation of trucking and moving services, Global Green was able to raise more than $350,000 to support its national initiatives to implement climate solutions in California and throughout the country, creating healthy green affordable housing, schools, and communities.

With your support, Global Green USA is developing greener cities for a cooler planet – creating green schools that save money and improve students’ academic performance and health, and green housing that is both affordable and provides a healthy living environment – reducing CO2 emissions that cause global warming. These initiatives create green jobs today, while educating and inspiring kids about the green jobs of tomorrow.

We hope you enjoyed the event and musical performances by Best Coast, Portugal. The Man and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Please consider joining us for our next Los Angeles event – the 15th Annual Millennium Awards tentatively scheduled for June 4th or 11th. More information about that event will be forthcoming.

Thank you again for your support. You are essential to the success of our work, both now and in the future.

With warm regards, 

Matt Petersen
President & CEO

Recommendation Letter from Matt Petersen