Review by The Abraham Group

This communication is intended to describe our brilliant experience with Northstar Moving.

In June, the expected (even if unwelcome) announcement was made that our office space had been sold to new owners. Lucky for them, goodbye ocean-view for us. And then, there was the move itself, to arrange.

As if on cue, Ram Katalan and Northstar Moving made our acquaintance. We had a walk-thru for an estimate to move our approximately 1,500 SF space, with typical office components and accessories: desks, computers, file cabinets, couches, tables, chairs, printers, copiers, faxes, paintings, coffee-maker, mugs, doodads, tchotchkes…it was endless. 

And who doesn’t remember packing up their first, small space or office, thinking that setting aside a few boxes and a couple hours “ought-a do it.” AND, your friend with an F-150 owed you a favor. Then, “reality” materialized. Probably several days, dozens of hours and that haunting, self-loathing (for discovering six reams of unused legal paper and a case of coffee stirrers), have left an indelible scar on your psyche. 

Such was the frame of mind. Ram was most nonplussed. 

“We’ll do that. We’ll do that. We’ll do that,” was his refrain to every gesture towards an unwieldy object or over-stuffed cabinet. And they DID. 

The crew came, assessed, packed and moved it all in a day. No muss, no fuss, and best of all, no damage. Just like they said. 

All the while, I kept expecting an unwelcome surprise, an unexpected complication – didn’t happen. 
Having been the veteran of a number of personal and professional moves, I’m qualified to say that Northstar Moving has been the best experience I’ve had. 

With gratitude to Ram Katalan and his crew, 

Maureen Ruiz
The Abraham Group

Recommendation Letter from The Abraham Group