I was very pleased with my move. My furniture was going into storage and I was impressed with how thoroughly protected everything was. Junior, William and Renaldo were very efficient and professional.

The guys were extremely professional and punctual for my move. The entire crew kept the same pace throughout the entire long almost 9.5 hour day. I would definitely want to book the ALL-STAR CREW again!
A company that takes pride in their work with great customer service, who will do almost anything to make you happy with your move
On time, professional, friendly. Excellent service. This is my third time using Northstar and I will use them again. They came in under my estimate and gave me a discount on materials for being a repeat client. My move actually required unpacking services and all the boxes were unloaded. Highly recommend!!!!
Northstar were awesome. My movers shown up on time. My movers were David, Steven and Elmer.  My move window was between 8-10am and my move team called me at 7.38am. The movers were at building by 8am. The movers were very professional and friendly. The movers were fast in moving me from my old apartment to my new apartment. They protected my furniture and belonging. They disassembled my bedframe my furniture and assembled it back in one piece, which prior moving companies has a difficulty in dissembling and assembling. I would definitely recommend Nortstarr movers and the great team that moved me.
Wilfrido J, Rodrigo A, Chris B, Erick C are all rockstars. They showed early with a plan and executed immediately. They even finished the job hours ahead of schedule with a few tough obstacles. There is a reason why I always use this company. Thanks Gadi for the last minute accommodation.
NorthStar made my move painless. They arrived early to move my boxes, shrink wrap my furniture, pack my smaller items into a larger box. They also moved my clothing hanging in my closet into wardrobe boxes for an easy unpacking into my new closet. The customer service was great and I would recommend this moving company to friends and family.
Good service. Very cool people! Showed up on time. Service with a smile. Vatche, Brandon, and Pablo got the job done. Picked up all the trash at the end. Even gave us a discount. They took off all the tape and shrink wrap charges. The service took awhile but they definitely did it.  They were very nice and did a good job taping everything up.
They make a very good team together.  The load ended up being more than they expected because of an issue at the office. Was not a problem for them. They still managed to fit everything in the truck. MASTERS AT TETRIS.
I’ve used NorthStar for both personal and business moves and I have been so impressed by their punctuality, professionalism and most importantly, the particular care in taking care of my things. The moving crew both times were super careful with packing and moving my furniture and personal effects. The move was completed in a timely manner without any loitering or waste in time, and completed early. Can’t appreciate enough how nice it is to feel like a moving company isn’t taking advantage of you when you’re at their mercy. Thank you so much NorthStar!

I am downsizing and getting ready to sell my house.  I needed to put lots of things into storage temporarily in order to get the house staged for sale.  Larry’s crew from North Star came on July 10, 2017 and another crew came today on July 18, 2017.  They were on time, professional, took good care of my things, worked efficiently and I look forward to using them again when I’ll need to actually move to my new place and collect the things that were just moved to storage.