Review by Beverly W.

NorthStar gets 5 stars from me! I had booked a “friend of a friend” (just like NorthStar’s phone message discourages), who flaked on us two days in a row!  We wasted hours of precious time waiting for them, and then we were days behind schedule. Had to wait until Monday to eventually hope to book for Tuesday…backtracked through my neighborhood email chain I had used to ask for referrals, and found that a trustworthy neighbor had sworn by NorthStar (I had initially not booked them because they were more money than my friend’s friend, only because they were three guys and my friend’s friend was two…remember, three guys move faster than two guys…so it’s all relative for hours spent!). I called NorthStar, and they had a booking available for the next morning!! (The other neighborhood referral, though they also sounded great, had no availability for a week!) NorthStar’s price was great, they were available, so I BOOKED them, happily, and then, guess what, they showed up at the EARLY END OF THEIR WINDOW, and the guys, JESUS, KEVIN AND KEVIN, were personable and amazing and such hard workers!! Moving is undeniably one of the most stressful things to go through, and thank you, NorthStar, for making it a bit easier. As my neighbor said, she’ll never try to move again without NorthStar, nor will we!!