Review by Heather T.

I had the monumental task of finding a reputable, full service moving and storage company for my boss and his family. Their current, 4 floor home is being renovated and EVERYTHING has to be removed. I found NorthStar based on their great reviews, mostly being on yelp. Right away I was contacted by the project manager Ron Cohen, who has just been fantastic! He has been easily accessible anytime I have a question or need help with something else pertaining to the move. He has patiently re-adjusted the bid as items have been added and dates have been constantly changing. This is a complicated move, in my eyes and he is really making it so much simpler and easing my fears! He has helped me find third party companies that I need to de-mantle and un-mount appliances, furniture, etc. He brought to light issues that never would have occurred to me on my own. He had his guys send over boxes so my boss and his family can pack a bit ahead. Then NorthStar will come and finish the rest of the packing as well as provide storage for the duration of the renovation. I feel very confident in the job getting done safely and on time! If you are reading this in search of a great moving company with wonderful employees, call NorthStar Moving and ask for Ron Cohen!