Review by Jasena O.


Today day I’m moving. And it has been a such a stressful situation getting to this point. But luckily we have NorthStar Moving Company because guys, they saved my life when I tell you, they treated me like a family. I mean, they treated me like family. They came in, no questions asked, and they packed my stuff up. First of all, I thought my stuff was packed. They said, no, it’s not packed well enough. They made sure everything was secure. And within a couple of hours, guys, my house was packed. So then, of course, we hit the road and we headed to my new apartment. And right away they come in with my bed and they start setting it up. Guys, when I tell you I was shook, I didn’t know they’re going to do all that. Meanwhile, I just sat here looking pretty, and before you know it, the team hit the road and I was honestly sad to see them go, but so happy to be in my new home. Thank you so much, NorthStar guys. I’m here chillin in my new apartment and honestly, I feel like it’s all a dream. It happened so fast. I moved from my old place to this new place with NorthStar Moving Company, and honestly, it just felt like within a blink of an eye, I’m already in my new home and even my bed is set up because they did that for me. Like, I just feel like I couldn’t have done it without NorthStar. So thank you so much. And guys, really, if you want, if you want adulting to be made easy, just hit them up. Okay They’re tagged in this video. You’re welcome.