Review by Melissa Amarillas

I wanted to thank your group for a fabulous job. We hired you on May 4th to move us out of two storage units and where we were staying to our new home in Patterson. I had gone through surgery on the 2nd and was in no condition to move around a lot. The team that you sent us was great. I slept in while my husband met them at the first pick-up point. Then they came to the 2nd and that is where I met them. They fit almost everything into the truck (minus three chairs and some plants). Just no space left. When we arrived at the new house they found something for me to sit on and I sat in one place in the garage telling them which room the items went. They were great. They had wonderful personalities, I have never had so much fun moving (even if I was in some pain). Thank you again for the great team and customer service. If you would like to use us as a reference we would be delighted to share our experience. Thanks again!

Melissa Amarillas

2001--May 23-- Melissa Amarillas--local