Review by Paul F.


Paul: So this is the… I didn’t know until my Brother-In-Law told us. This is actually a ‘Great Room’.  I said, well, it’s a nice room, too. I like it as well.  But, it turns out they actually have things called ‘Great Rooms,’ and this is one of them. And it’s not just a… I don’t know if it’s a great room or not, but I mean, technically, it is the ‘Great Room’, so, there you go.

Jacqui: Yeah, his jokes are definitely not… They’re, they’re so bad. They’re so bad!

Paul: (Laughs) Let me think about this for a second.

Jacqui: umm… They’re a little old school, if I have to be honest. But, he’s really funny, though.

Paul: My name is Paul Fanning. Or Paul. My name is Paul. A little bit about me: I’m a father of two, a husband, see if I can get all this out the right way, and I make my living as a computer programmer. Web Programmer.

Celia: My name is Celia Fanning, and I am Paul Fanning’s wife. We moved in this house about eight years ago. We’re trying to downsize. And we’re moving in to a really nice, little smaller house, in Simi Valley. And, we’re really excited about it.

William: My name is Wiliam Portales. Just another day at NorthStar, packing the house. Right now, we’re packing the kitchen. We’re almost done. This is the hard part, packing the kitchen.

Benjamin: My name is Benjamin Sandoval, and my role is being a helper, and packing up all this stuff as safe as I can. Today we’re just doing a packing day, which is to get it all ready for the move, So it will be nice and easy, so nobody will be getting stuck or running into people. Makes it a little easier for the helpers.

William: Yeah, if they want, we’ll do the packing, and next day, do the move.

Paul: So, day two, we’ll be in the house by the day’s end. The guys worked tirelessly moving everything. Boxes after boxes after boxes. There’s no way that we could have done that, Without these five, young, thoroughbred, race-horse movers, that just powered through it. They’re going stronger than ever man, it’s incredible.

Celia: We’re moving, because we want to downsize, The timing is right, our oldest daughter just graduated from high school, and we don’t have to stay within this district anymore, since my other daughter, the younger one, is going to a different high school. And it just seems like The right time to downsize and save on costs a little bit.

Jacqui: The new house has a really nice backyard, and I’m really excited about it. And I have my own room, and it’s like, ten times bigger than this room. Cause I have too many things to fit in this room, and, it’s not working out anymore as I get older.

Paul: By moving, One of the things we really want to accomplish, is to shrink our expenses, you know, bring our expenses down. Especially because we have a child in college now, too, and all that. And, to do this house, knowing that we’re moving, too, I mean, because we don’t see this as a retirement home. It’s just too big. So, knowing that we’re moving as well, we wanted to get something that was more move-in ready. And, we wanted a bigger backyard. Because the backyard now, if you noticed, is pretty small. So we wanted something that was a little bit more spacious, a little less cost, and was more updated. Without us having to spend a year, or six months, whatever it would be, and God knows how much money.


Yeah, it’s been a full three days, you know, 8am to whenever we wrap. But basically didn’t lift a finger. And, I think we would have just gotten in the way if we did, actually, because they were just like a well-oiled machine: very impressive, very grateful, and look at me, even so, I’m still droopy eyed, you know, I don’t have any reason to be, but they’re going stronger than ever, man, it’s incredible.

Celia: Everybody was very professional, and friendly, and mindful, which I really appreciated. Given how little time we had to basically pack a house, And move it, and unpack, and… Especially because we knew we had a short period of time, and we had to go back to work, and kind of go on with, you know, our lives. So, we still have a little bit of unpacking to do, details, and stuff like that, but you know, that’s going to take time to go through some other boxes. But, we’re very happy.

Truck: (Horn Honks)

Paul: Alright, I’m just gonna stop there.  Are you going to put that part in?

Eric: Oh yeah, probably

Paul: Really? Seriously? You can’t put that in!

Celia: Then stop saying it!

Paul: Alright.