I am writing you to thank you for your professionalism and incredible care in moving my furniture, expensive photography and glassware collections as well as everything else that I own. You guys did a fantastic job. Everyone who was part of this very difficult move was great at their jobs and a pleasure to work with. I also appreciated how fast everyone worked to make this painful but necessary job as easy as possible. Even my dogs appreciated how nice everyone was.

I would recommend your company to anyone who is having the unfortunate experience of moving. If and when I move again I will call you to schedule the move.




I recently moved from Simi Valley California to Fruita Colorado and contracted with your company to accomplish this long-distance move. I just had to write to let you know how satisfied I was with your service, price and especially your people. 

I originally contracted your company in early October of last year after having done research on the Internet to find the most reputable company with the best prices. I had seen the 60 Minutes show regarding moving company fraud and din’t want to be an uninformed consumer. Yolanda was the lady who first gave me estimates based on my description of my furniture. She was friendly, professional, and right on the money with the figures. The entire move was actually a less than I anticipated. 

The day of the move a four-man crew arrived right on time. I am handicapped and was worried how well I would be able to handle directing what items were to be packed, what furniture was moving and what was staying. They were incredible. They treated my things as if they were antiques, even though they were not. They anticipated what I needed and I was able to just sit back and watch it all happen and they were speedy also. 

I was told about the window when my furniture would be arriving. When I arrived in Colorado the day before New Year’s Eve, it was at the beginning of a huge snowstorm that had most of Western United States in bad weather for several weeks. I called and was told about the weather situation and that it may take a while for my furniture to get to me. I was assure it would be within the 3-week window. I called every five or six days and mostly spoke to Rose who promptly checked the progress of my move and let me know what was happening. Toward the end of the 21-day window I was offered a $50.00 discount if I would accept a later delivery. Because of my handicap I felt that I needed my furniture and things as soon as possible so I declined. My furniture arrived a couple of days later. It was 19 days after pickup. I was happy. 

The husband and wife team who delivered my furniture were also incredible. They were professional and very helpful. They had my house put together in a few short hours with everything in wonderful condition. 

The circumstances surrounding my move were very unhappy, but your people made the situation better than it could have been. All in all I had a great experience with your company. 

Thank you. 
Barbara Fritz

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

I recently coordinated a move for a couple in Pacific Palisades – Jill and Tim Hobert. I’m a professional organizer and have moved a number of clients in the Los Angeles area. This was not my first experience with NorthStar, and it will certainly not be my last (I’ve also used Moishe’s moving in New York.)

This move was a little more complicated than others I’ve done, in that the homeowners were not able to get into the house prior to the move to consider furniture placement, storage, etc. The move took place on Saturday July 12, escrow closed on Monday July 7,and the contractors started Tuesday July 8 and worked double overtime to finish by Friday night, July 11.

NorthStar handled the packing and the move. The entire crew on both days was friendly, polite, professional and made a very stressful time much less so. The foreman, Ori, did an especially excellent job. He had the patience of a saint and let us work out furniture placement, where things should be stored, and endured more than one trip back to the original house (it was a very local move – 3 blocks away!) The homeowners have two very young children (4 and 2) and Ori was just great with them.

Everyone I dealt with, from Ghati (the estimator) to Ori and his crew, made this move much more bearable then it ordinarily would have been. Because of their packing skills and their willingness to work with us on the day of the move, I was able to unpack a family of four in 3 days. (That includes the garage and the attic!) 

So. Once again, thanks to NorthStar for everything, and I look forward to working with you again soon!


Joann Lassus
Auntie Clutter Professional Organizing Services

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

To Whom it May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter expressing my satisfaction with Gadi, Rory and his crew regarding my move on 3/31/02. I had over 20,000 pounds to move, including 40 boxes of china, a huge china cabinet, and several new pieces of furniture about which, I must confess, I was extremely nervous.

Not only did all my china and furniture arrive in perfect order, the care, professionalism and efficiency the crew demonstrated truly made what could have been difficult day quite easy. I am grateful.

I must say that my husband, who is very frugal and critical, said that he was more than pleased ( as he counted and re-counted the 250 boxes we packed), and he didn’t even mind paying the bill. The crew earned every penny.

Gadi was a pleasure to work with –personable, confident and reassuring, while Rory was an efficiency machine who coordinated and supervised everything perfectly.

I would highly recommend NorthStar to anyone who appreciates a job well done.

Gratefully Yours,

Sheryl Rabinovich
Dean, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Commissioner, Calif. Student Aid Commission
NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter


This letter is sent to express our pleasure with the move of our home from Brentwood to Valencia. First the trucks were clean and nicely painted. The movers’ shirts with company emblems added a touch of class. The big thing was the care and concern demonstrated by Moshe, Taz, Ran and Shai. The personalities of these fine young men made it a delightful experience. You are good. Your people are excellent. Thank you for a good move. Sincerely, W. Harold Petersen

I want to express our satisfaction with the relocation of our offices performed by NorthStar Moving at the beginning of this month. Your crew arrived to pack our offices and worked independently and asked appropriate questions. Additionally, we were able to have certain departments functioning while others were packed. On the day of the move, your crew was on time and was able to negotiate moving our offices in spite of unforeseen issues that were beyond your or our control (malfunctioning elevators, broken water pipe). In spite of all delays, we were relocated to our new office the same day. In short, thank you for making our relocation possible at a reasonable price.

Lynn Kersey
Executive Director

Recommendation Letter from Maternal and Child Health Access

Dear, Ram

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to you and your team at North Star! I recently was moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco at the recommendation of Jeanmarie Smith. She had told me that I would receive excellent service, but that is an understatement. 

My experience began with you and our discussion on the phone. You were extremely courteous, and explained the steps you would take to evaluate and quote a price for my move. A date was set and Mr. Gadi Avigzer was assigned to the meeting. Mr. Avigzer was not only thorough, I found him to be kind, courteous and sensitive to my concerns. Moving is never an easy process  but Gadi assured me that I would have a smile on my face the day I was moved out of my home in L.A. and also on the day I was moved into my home in S.F. He was right! 

I must tell you that I, of course, I received other quotes. Although yours was higher by almost $1000.00, you were also going to provide a service level that warranted the extra cost. I chose your company not only because of the superior customer service, but also because of the way that you would pack and handle the contents. 

My situation was unique for me. I was moving a fully furnished two-bedroom home into a fully furnished two-bedroom home. My husband and i have had separate residences and so we not only were going to have your team move our contents into the house, but also assist us with moving some contents from the SF home into our basement. 

Your packing team was also very efficient and kind. Their care with my contents and with me was exceptional. The loading and unloading appeared to be seamless  despite the great number of stairs that they had to navigate. 

I know that this is probably an every day story for you. I, on the other hand, was new to the moving game, and had very specific expectations and requirements. Gadi and your moving team made the experience very positive. 

I am now settled in my new home and want to thank all of you at North Star for making my move successful and painless! 

I will surely contact you again for future moves and will also be happy to recommend you to any one I know!

Best regards, 

Diane M. Reichenberger

2001--January 8--Diane Reichenberger--local

To Whom It May Concern: 

I would like to take the opportunity to recognize some of your employees that helped me with my recent move on December 3, 2000. Roy, Eyal, Yaniv of Northstar worked through most of the night in helping me pack up my apartment and move to the new one in San Francisco. They moved my many belongings down small hallways and then back up several flights of stairs with a smile.  I was their second move of the day, and after working for 15 hours straight they were off to yet another move after mine. 

These guys were just wonderful so please take the opportunity to pat them on the back. You’ve certainly got a great team over at Northstar. 


Kathleen Toland  

NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

Dear Ram: 

My wife and I would like to thank you and NorthStar Moving for another successful move. 

As with our previous experience with your company, we were pleased with your services this time also. 

Oren and his team did a very good job of packing and unpacking our goods. Despite the unfortunate incident with a flat tire on their loaded truck, they stayed until 3 AM to complete unloading and placing the furniture and boxes at the new location to our satisfaction. 

We appreciated your service and will continue to recommend NorthStar Moving to our friends. 


Ravi V. Patel 

Now a days everyone is very quick to complain, but very few are willing to take some time off to make a positive remark about something good, much less to put in writing. This is just a short note to inform you how happy I was with the excellent service of your company … I mean before the moving was done, during the day of the packaging and the move itself, and all the follow up service that you personally got involved in.  Moving from the West Coast to the West, especially in our case, a residential and a commercial move, all in one, was not an easy task. During the day of the move your employees made this experience fun and were a great group to watch how they worked. They were careful, they were cordial, they were constantly volunteering to help in whatever was necessary but above all, they were full of life. Your company clearly does a great job in selecting and training your employees. Mr. Yohai, the manager that was assigned to oversee our move, was special though. He knew how to manage the rest of the crew impeccable well. It was amazing to watch them work and their stimulating spirit was so contagious, that for the first time in my life, I was moving a whole house and my office included, with the sound of music in the background. If you ever need references about your company, please feel free to use this letter or myself as a reference to prove how economical and efficient your company was. Please receive my gratitude and extend it to all the workers involved in my move. I think it’s important to recognize good work and motivate them to know that occasionally, clients do get out of their way to acknowledge something that is good. But in you case, you were superb.

Roberto Mann Marketing Director

Recommendation from Karlville Development USA, Inc