This letter is late in coming but it has taken us some time to get settled in and unpack all the boxes. We are getting closer to feeling more “at home” in our new house. 

Please be sure you relay to Justin and his crew the great job they did on our move May 26th. They were very conscientious in doing the best job possible. They took extra care in loading all the fragile items. They were very pleasant and polite. 

Most of all we were impressed with the super job they did in arranging our furniture by working off our floor plan. since we were so exhausted and could not follow them to our new home in Palm Desert; we trusted them by giving them the keys to the house and allowed them to unload the furniture without our being present. 

It was late in the evening when they arrived and I’m sure they, too were exhausted but despite that our beds were put together, furniture in place, boxes in garage arranged in an orderly manner. 

i have recommended your company to some friends and I will continue doing so. 

Again, thanks for a fine job. When we first met you assured me we would be happy with your service and you were right!!

Sincerely yours, 

Harold and Emma Marti

1999--July 27--Harold and Emma Marti--

Dear Ram: 

My wife and I would like to thank you and NorthStar Moving for another successful move. 

As with our previous experience with your company, we were pleased with your services this time also. 

Oren and his team did a very good job of packing and unpacking our goods. Despite the unfortunate incident with a flat tire on their loaded truck, they stayed until 3 AM to complete unloading and placing the furniture and boxes at the new location to our satisfaction. 

We appreciated your service and will continue to recommend NorthStar Moving to our friends. 


Ravi V. Patel 

Dear NorthStar:

On August 8th, we moved from Calabasas to Phillips Ranch with the help of your company. We are writing to express to you how extremely satisfied we were with the moving success. The three members of your company who helped us move (Yaron, Elias, and Barak) were very skilled and professional from the moment they arrived until they left us at out new home. Yaron explained everything to us at each step, and answered any questions we had. They wrapped all delicate items carefully, and leaded the truck in a well-planned manner that minimized any chances of breaking. They worked quickly, and ended up taking less time for the move than we had anticipated. they were also very pleasant and friendly despite an extremely hot day. 

We also felt that the charges for the move were very reasonable. since, as I mentioned, the group worked very quickly, we actually ended up paying less than we expected. Due to the nature of our professions, we have had to move several times in the past, but this has clearly been the best, least stressful moving experience we have had, thanks to you company.

We plan  to recommend NorthStar to everyone we know, and will certainly call you if we should need to move again. 


Dr. Carmen Fought 
Dr. John Fought 

1998--August 15--Dr.Carmen and John Fought--local


On February 1, 1998 I moved my residence from Channel Islands to Calabasas using your company movers:

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely say “Thank you for the excellent services you provided” 

Moving your entire household is not a pleasant task, but thanks to your two employees, Conen Pachino and Simon Labor, the moving experience was made much more pleasant than it would otherwise have been.

These two employees were courteous, hard working dedicated to the task without a doubt they are a credit to your company and their profession. should the opportunity present itself I would not hesitate in giving my heartiest recommendation to any and all of your excellent professional services. 


NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter 

Now a days everyone is very quick to complain, but very few are willing to take some time off to make a positive remark about something good, much less to put in writing. This is just a short note to inform you how happy I was with the excellent service of your company … I mean before the moving was done, during the day of the packaging and the move itself, and all the follow up service that you personally got involved in.  Moving from the West Coast to the West, especially in our case, a residential and a commercial move, all in one, was not an easy task. During the day of the move your employees made this experience fun and were a great group to watch how they worked. They were careful, they were cordial, they were constantly volunteering to help in whatever was necessary but above all, they were full of life. Your company clearly does a great job in selecting and training your employees. Mr. Yohai, the manager that was assigned to oversee our move, was special though. He knew how to manage the rest of the crew impeccable well. It was amazing to watch them work and their stimulating spirit was so contagious, that for the first time in my life, I was moving a whole house and my office included, with the sound of music in the background. If you ever need references about your company, please feel free to use this letter or myself as a reference to prove how economical and efficient your company was. Please receive my gratitude and extend it to all the workers involved in my move. I think it’s important to recognize good work and motivate them to know that occasionally, clients do get out of their way to acknowledge something that is good. But in you case, you were superb.

Roberto Mann Marketing Director

Recommendation from Karlville Development USA, Inc

To whom it may concern, 

I wanted to let your company know that the two gentlemen, Yoav-T and Sharon, who did my packing and loading last month or their trip to last month for their trip to New Orleans could not have been nicer or more efficient. Every item came through in fine condition! Ram in the office was also the best, gave me clear information and explanations. Your company is fortunate to have them as employees. 

Barbara Schenck

1997--August 26--Brabara Schenck

Dear Ram, 

Our moving day, August 4, 1997, Came so quickly that we really weren’t as prepared as we should have been. My husband had been in the hospital for 10 days 1 week prior to the “Big Day,” and I suppose that is why I just wasn’t organized as well as I should have been. 

Promptly, as pre-planned, your Big Red Trucks arrived and I said to myself “Oh No!”

But, not to worry, Gorren Shlomo, project manager, made everything go smoothly, his helpfulness and wonderful attitude in every aspect of the move made the day something to remember happily. His whole crew was also very helpful-nothing was too large and heavy or to small to be handled very carefully. 

Before the day was over, we gave business cards to two of our friends who stopped by to observe the action, they also have moves coming up, and they were also impressed. 

This was a temporary move, and we are moving to our new home in November. I hope I’m more prepared with the last minute items, but if i’m not, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that Gonen and his crew (if we are so lucky again!) can handle everything with ease.

Thanking you all again, 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Folsom


NorthStar Moving Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. Katalan, 

My wife and I would like to thank you and your organization for a very efficient and professional move on July 1 of this year. 

Everything from the estimate by Mr. Sam Caro to the actual move by Yoav T. and Yoav, was conducted with utmost courtesy and expediency. Mr. Caro completed his estimate immediately and on the spot for Mrs. Cuisick. 

The two Yoavs placed and moved furniture to my third floor apartment until i was satisfied, all with quiet patience and courtesy. 

We plan to move to our new permanent home in Northern California, near Sacramento later this year. And, you may be assumed you will recieve the call to move us. 

Please give three gentlemen involved in our move a copy of this letter, so they know I think them as well. Thank you again. 


James C. Cuisick

1997--August 13--James C. Cusick

Dear Ram, 

Recently, 10 days ago on Saturday July 5, 1997 my husband Martin and I (Heather) hired your company to help us move to our new apartment in Valencia. the movers (two men & a truck) were scheduled to arrive at our previous residence at 8:00am. I am pleased to inform you that they arrived promptly at eight o’clock. Further more, the gentlemen were extremely professional, friendly, and fast. They handled all of our furniture with great care, especially the piano which was my main concern and they even delivered all of my fragile plants with personal care. Unfortunately, I do not have the business card with me that has the names of the two men that helped us, however it would be kind of you to please find out the names of the two that were assigned to our move and pass this information on to them. From the start, you were extremely helpful to me on the telephone and to the finish, they were extremely helpful with our move. It made everything so much easier and my husband and I were greatly relieved that we chose Northstar over any of the others. The professionalism and friendly customer service that we received from all of you was far more important to us than the rates, which were also great. Because of our gratitude in your company and its service, I am referring you to someone who is in need of a mover, and in the future, I will continue to refer your company as well as choose you again when it is time again for us to move. In all, I would like to express a big huge THANK YOU on behalf of my husband and myself. Please tell the two gentlemen that helped us how thankful we were to them. 

I wish you company the best in business. Thank you again. 


Heather Bailey

1997--July 15--Heather Bailey--local 

My wife and I would like to thank you and NorthStar moving for our recently completed successful and stress-free move. 

Our experience with NorthStar met our high expectations. Since a colleague of mine recommended you, we were already expecting superior service from you. We were not disappointed! 

The positive impressions started when Sammy came to give us an estimate. He was very professional and courteous. The effort displayed by Joe, Alon, Dan and you during the loading and unloading of the moving van on June 20, 1997 was outstanding. all of you were careful, but fast and took pains to protect our home and its contents. I was particularly impressed with the skill that all of you displayed while moving the heavy piano into our new home. 

We appreciated your service and would have no hesitation in recommending NorthStar Moving to our friends. 

Ravi V. Patel


1997--June 30--Ravi Patel