Hi this is Alan I just want to let everyone know that NorthStar Moving guys did a great job for me today. They were on time, got everything moved in the house, set everything up went to the second location and dropped off so they did a great job. Thanks.
I am moving from Chastworth to Palm Springs. I interviewed several folks and I decided with NorthStar Moving they arrived on time, their price was reasonable; the gentlemen were courteous, through. I received a call from their office asking me if everything was okay. I am very very pleased with their services of NorthStar Moving.
Yeah my name is John. I would recommend NorthStar Moving Corporation, they really do a fantastic job.
I used North Star twice in the past 12 months.  I moved from Culver City to Downtown and then also had to move out and store furniture in a storage for a month for a construction in my condo.  For my first move I chose them because they are the preferred mover for my condo, and now I know why they are.  I am really satisfied with their service.  

Both times, making appointments for the on-site estimate and the actual move was very smooth.  My second move coincided with the busiest time for moving companies (last weekend of the summer) so I was initially asked to choose a different date.   But I needed to move that weekend.   The lady on the phone told me she will try to find a spot for me and call back.  In about an hour I received a call saying they are able to move me that weekend!  

They showed up on time on the date of the move (both times).  They were friendly and cautious.  They were very fast in packing and very careful with handling my stuff.  Each move took about 6 hours.   

After each move, I received a follow up calls from the office to make sure the move went OK.  You never get that kind of customer care with any other companies.   

I will definitely use them again.
Thanks so much NorthStar Moving you guys did a great job. You helped me out so much, you were efficient, you guys were effective, very very prompt and very kind as well, so thank you so much
I have used these guys the last few moves and they are the best. Fast, efficient, friendly and I always end up spending less than I think I will. 

They are my go to moving and storage company.

NorthStar Moving was awesome, amazing. We’ve moved, or I’ve moved, at lease 25 different times in my life and this was absolutely the best experience. One of the easiest moves I’ve ever had to go through, and NorthStar Moving did it. Excellent job, and I would use them any other time I have to move.

Hi my name is Kevin and these guys did a terrific job moving for us and they were on time. Very fast, efficient, extremely accommodating took care of all of our needs and seem to do with a lot of care. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a mover.
Hi my name is Albert, I had NorthStar Moving move all my belongings out and move it back in, they were very, very professional, they are very speedy and I definitely recommend them to anyone to move out, so yeah, very pleasant, very professional and very polite. I would definitely use them again.
Hello, just wanted to say I am very pleased with your moving service. Joel and his staff were very friendly, efficient. I would definitely use you guys again and recommend a friend as well, again the bottom line is, you guys are very safe and very efficient , so definitely use NorthStar Moving Corporation once again. Thank you.