Review by America’s Next Top Model

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gadi and the NorthStar moving company a few times now for both television productions and personal needs. I must say that in both scenarios, I found working with NorthStar an incredibly easy and pleasant experience. Gadi is absolutely outstanding, and rarely do you find someone so passionate about their job and who can truly deliver unparalleled customer service. He is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and prompt. I never found it difficult to get an answer or a solution from him. He cares a great deal about the company and the clients and gives everyone such great personal attention. I’ve seen NorthStar move families out of multi-million dollar homes in a day, and I also was lucky enough to have NorthStar move me out of my one bedroom apartment in a few hours. Whether your single and in an apartment or a family giving up their home to a reality show, Gadi and NorthStar both realize how valuable your things are to you, and they pack them delicately, move them out with ease, and make sure you know your things will be well taken care of no matter how long they store them. As a coordinator, I know I can successfully complete my job by returning homes to families the way they left them. As a private client, I know my things are safe and secure, and that I’ll get everything back to me the exact same way I left them. NorthStar is an industry leader in professional moving and storage, and I wouldn’t think of using anyone else. Gadi is a friend and a smart businessman, and anyone or company would be lucky to work with such a great person and successful company.

Steven Smith

Recommendation Letter from America's Next Top Model