Review by Art B.


Hi my name is Art and live in Las Vegas, Nevada, just moving here from Los Angeles. I had a home in Los Angeles. I had the moving company, NorthStar Moving move for me and they did a great job, an incredible job, in fact my wife has been commenting on all morning on what kind of great packing job they did and far as the unloading goes with Noel, Jesus and Rodolfo, it was just great. Truly in a scale to one to ten as I was talking to Noel, he said did we do a good job? And I said to a scale to one to ten, you did an eleven and I mean that with great sincerity. So I couldn’t ask for more and I guess the more I can ask for is that the next time I move, I am using these folks. I hope that you have as good an experience as I’ve had. Thank you.