Review by Engin Ansay

I have the pleasure to address this letter of appreciation and recommendation for a very special person, Mr. Gadi M. Avigzer, of NorthStar Moving Corporation, in Los Angeles, where I was the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey until very recently. 

It is not often I perform such a task, as I believe that a letter of appreciation and/or recommendation is a very serious matter. I would write one, only when I am convinced that ht person in reference has the right stuff and absolutely earns and deserves it. Without hesitation, I would consider this to be such a case. 

After trusting to Mr. Avigzer, the special packaging, sensitive handling and overseas, as well as inland transportation of the museumlike quality, highly valuable objects and goods from The Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles to all the way in Istanbul, Turkey (also some to Boston) and receiving them all intact; and, previously to that, after observing for days, the exemplary way he demonstrated his superior management and leadership abilities during the sorting and packing of over 150 boxes of paintings, very delicate glass, silver and porcelain antiques and other delicate, very fragile times, my reasons to have such a highly positive opinion for this gentleman, are the following: 

This well traveled, very articulate young man’s leadership qualities, analytical skills and ability to grasp new ideas and novel projects are well developed and I am confident that he will demonstrate constructive, as well as result oriented behavior when confronted with problems and even highly complex matters, conducive to resolution. He possesses the traits of persistence, efficiency and motivation to the fullest extend and I have pleasantly observed that these qualities of his are always accompanied with extreme courtesy, good spirits, cheerful attitude, very positive approach and a good sense of humor.

As a result, I would highly recommend Mr. Gadi Avigzer, for any promotion of higher office and management position, requiring serious responsibility. 

A Engin Ansay

2008--December 14--Engin Ansay--International