Review by Tessa P.

We wanted to have the comfort of hiring movers + packers, in case we didn’t have time to pack. It is $170 an hour for 3 guys + 1 truck, so a bit pricier than other companies but they did have all the supplies to pack if we needed them to and the hourly rate was the same regardless of packing / moving. It took them 5 hours to do a 2 bedroom 1100 sq foot apartment if that helps you all estimate the cost. We moved on a Sunday, and they outsourced another company to help us because they weren’t available, but that is totally fine with us and they provided excellent service.

We had an incredible experience with Andre and his 2 guys, super personable and friendly, we felt like we were friends with them by the end! They helped us not only move our furniture and boxes but helped us arrange the furniture in what they thought would look best, and they even fixed some of our unstable Ikea furniture with power drills. We didn’t have to lift a finger and they did an excellent job and were very careful with all of our belongings.

Highly recommend!