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The CivicThe Civic

Make your car move without you in it.

Honda Civic in Los Angeles, CA

You’re going on a plane, your belongings are going on a truck . . . but how does your car get there?

Maybe you’re driving – but what about your other car? Who’s driving that one?

The answer is The Civic package, a safe and affordable way to get your cars from one garage to the next. NorthStar Moving has partnered with A to Z Auto Shipping to make sure that every one of your belongings – automobiles included – arrives at your new place delivered by capable professionals.

The Jay LenoThe Jay Leno

There are cars, and then there are cars.

A Lamborghini in front of the Beverly Hills signThese are not cars you drive to work. Unless of course your work involves driving, selling or showing mind-blowlingly beautiful, blistering fast and extremely rare vehicles.

Our partnership with Century will get your baby to its new garage without a tick on the odometer – thereby negating the possibility of your son and his friend launching your 1961 Ferrari GT 250 California out of a garage window.

Or maybe your car needs to be transported to a set, the detailer or their video-monitored storage. Wherever it’s going, it will get there in specially enclosed flatbeds, ensuring that your Duesenberg is adequately pampered.


The-First-Mate-IconThe First Mate

Ready or knot, it’s time to move your yacht!

Checked your moving list from A to Sea? Wondering how to move your prized yacht along with your household? No need to cry S.O.S.! We have expert first mates on board to treat your watercraft to a fabulous trip by land or sea.

We’ve partnered with Ocean Transport, provider of worldwide yacht transportation, to offer yacht transport services to our seafaring clients on the move. Your vessel will be wrapped, loved and handled with the utmost care as she journeys to your new home.

Winch with rope on sailing boat in the seaDon’t let the wind be knocked out of your sails; Ocean Transport handles the details of your nautical move from top to bottom, forward to aft. From insurance, custom clearance and permits to shrink wrapping and cradles, Ocean Transport organizes everything from pick-up to delivery. They specialize in every transportation method: ground transport, standard transport by sea and the uber-luxury treatment – the float-on/float-off method, where a yacht seamlessly floats onto a shipping vessel. First, the shipping vessel is submerged into the water. When all yachts and boats are fastened in their position, the vessel starts coming up to the surface. Once the deck is dry, the yachts are secured to the deck and are on their way to their final destination. Upon arrival, the yacht is unloaded in the reverse “float-off” method to fully protect it from damage.

With “NorthStar” in our name, it’s no surprise that we have found a great partner to navigate the rough waters of moving. Ocean Transport delivers red-carpet-level service with personalized, as well as reliable and cost-effective, services that fit all of our clients’ needs. So, rest assured, Captain; with Northstar Moving and Ocean Transport at the helm, you’ll be shouting “Ahoy” in no time.


Wright-Brothers-iconThe Wright Brothers

Tray Tables Up, a Smooth Landing is Just Ahead.

A small aircraft on grassIs your head in the clouds, thinking about all of your belongings that need to be moved including your treasured aircraft? No need to reach for oxygen, our aviation expert will remove all the pressure and care for your flying machine with the same attention to detail that Orville and Wilbur gave to building their first breakthrough airplane.

We’ve partnered with The Ferry Pilot, to offer aircraft transportation services to our aeronautic clients that like to enjoy the view from above. Set your minds to autopilot and let our ground control take care of the rest.

No need to yell Mayday. Your aircraft will undergo an extensive maintenance check, receive a carefully routed flight plan and be flown by an experienced pilot with thousands of hours of flight time under his helmet. The first class service ensures clients’ private planes make it safely to their new home.

So put on your aviators and look to the skies as you watch your two-winged pastime come in for a smooth landing. Soon, you’ll be flying high, capturing the aerial view of your new home.

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