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With our Calabasas movers you’ll have it made in the shade.

So you’ve found your oasis from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles? Calabasas movers want to help you make sure it stays that way even on moving day.  Whether it’s your home, business or a production you’re moving, Calabasas movers will help you keep your cool. Moving can feel like an uphill journey when you’re on your own, but with NorthStar Moving planning your next locallong distance or international move you can enjoy the ride. Not ready to jump in? Test the waters with these expert moving tips on how to choose a mover for you. 

Let your Calabasas movers take care of your move while you take a little time for yourself.

Calabasas Commons

Grab another latte, catch a movie or take another stroll through The Commons, while your Calabasas movers take care of you on moving day. Whether it’s packing and unpacking your belongings or finding you the best pet sitter in town, NorthStar Moving’s luxury packages are designed to cover every detail that you may need on moving day. From a Feng Shui expert to a fresh meal for your family, your Calabasas movers will help ensure that no detail goes unnoticed. Best of all you get to tailor your move to fit your needs. Do as much or as little as you like, our Calabasas movers are ready to make your move a perfect fit for you.

Avoiding paparazzi is a walk in the park with your Calabasas movers. 

Calabasas CommonsWe get it, just because you live next door to the Kardashians doesn’t mean you want the paparazzi following you around too. Your Calabasas movers are trained celebrity movers that will keep your moving day out the next day’s gossip magazines. Whether it’s decoy moving trucks, nondisclosure agreements or helping you find some extra personal assistants, your Calabasas movers are ready to make your next move as smooth as can be. But don’t worry you don’t have to be Angelina Jolie to move like a celebrity, we are happy to make you feel like the star of your moving day.

Make your move historic with Calabasas Movers.

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With over 20 years moving all over Los Angeles, NorthStar Moving’s award winning eco-luxury moving services are blazing trails and setting new standards in the moving industry. We understand moving day is a mix of emotions and stress shouldn’t be one of them. Rather than just moving boxes we are moving happiness home, but don’t just take our word, find out what our clients are saying about us. Moving day is an important for you, we want to be there to make it something you want to remember. Let’s make some memories together.


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