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Sit back and enjoy the sunset, your Hermosa Beach movers will take care of the rest.

Hermosa Beach at Sunset Photo by Flickr - Wicker Paradise

It’s smooth sailing with NorthStar Moving’s Hermosa Beach movers. With over 20 years as award winning Los Angeles movers, our Hermosa Beach movers can make your move a day at the beach. Whether you’re coming ashore or hitting the open sea, we’ll move your beach paradise to anywhere you call home. What might seem like choppy waters for others, is just a cruise along the coast for your Hermosa Beach movers. Before you start your move, make sure to get your bearings and find out how to choose the right mover for your needs. Reading client reviews can be a lifesaver! Check out what our clients are saying about their Hermosa Beach movers.

Make your move as easy as bike ride on The Strand with Hermosa Beach movers

Bike Path... Hermosa Beach, CA Photo by Flickr - Moto@Club4AG

Enjoy the swaying palm trees and cool sea breeze as you enjoy the sites on “The Strand,” and let your Hermosa Beach movers do the rest. Just like this neighborhood beach walkway links you to the nearby beach communities of Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, your Hermosa Beach movers can move you locally, across the country or even around the globe. Let your Hermosa Beach movers make your local move, long distance move or international move as easy as a stroll along The Strand. Moving your business to Hermosa Beach? Make a splash by using an A-list celebrity moving company

Love Hermosa Beach’s eco-friendly bike paths? So do we. As an eco-friendly moving company, your Hermosa Beach movers are always thinking of ways to get moving in a greener way. From our bio-diesel powered moving trucks to eco bubble, we are taking the lead by lowering our carbon footprint. Make sure to ask your Hermosa Beach movers about our incentives for recycling your moving boxes.

Sit back or jump in – it’s up to you with your Hermosa Beach movers

Hermosa Beach Volleyball Photo by Flickr- Ray_from_LAWhether you’re scoring at the local pro beach volleyball tournament, catching the next wave, paddle boarding along the coast or just sunbathing on the sand, Hermosa Beach offers something for everyone. We know you like your options, that’s why moving day should be no different. With Hermosa Beach movers you can do as little or as much as you want on your move. From finding a babysitter for your kids on the day of the move to setting up your new entertainment center, our luxury packages will take care of the finer details, leaving you extra time to soak in some sun at the end of your move. More of the “hands on” type? You’ll like these professional packing tips that will help you get ready for your Hermosa Beach movers.


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