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Living Room Conversations: “The Power of Giving Back” with Laura McHolm, February 2020 

On February 22nd, NorthStar Moving’s co-founder Laura McHolm headlined Boost Entrepreneurs’ “Living Room Conversations” as the featured speaker. In her topic, “The Power of Giving Back,” Laura shared  about her upbringing. She discussed the impact  her parent’s positive encouragement had on her success as an entrepreneur, as well as, her passion for helping others. According to Laura, “My parents taught me the value of inclusiveness. My family welcomed many international students. This taught me the power of the old-fashioned Welcome Wagon.” This philosophy is mirrored in the extraordinary services NorthStar Moving Company provides to clients to  ease the stress of moving. It is also apparent in NorthStar Moving’s commitment to its team members, clients and the community.  

Laura uses her success and resources to give back to multiple charities, nonprofits and those in need with both goods and services. As Laura explained, “One of the things we’ve discovered about moving is that more stuff gets thrown out on moving day than any other day of the year. Rather than scrambling to find a solution for outgrown clothes and furniture, we make the donation process simple. When cleaning out your pantry, there’s no need to throw that food away. We’ll move that food to hungry children’s tables and with our help, our clients turn their hand-me-downs into hand-me-ups.”  Laura also applies her entrepreneurial experience and skills to creating countless campaigns to support various organizations. One Boost attendee appreciated that the Northstar Moving team makes a point to ask organizations in need for what kind of help they require, such as storage and/or moving services, supplies like boxes, or maybe there is a skill set that someone on the NSM team can provide.

Laura also endeavors to empower women on their entrepreneurial journey. She exemplifies how to add a new level of meaning and fulfillment to one’s life after the usual benchmarks of success have already been achieved. She is a strong example of a woman using her power to make a real difference. It is not a surprise that Boost Entrepreneurs hailed the event as the perfect opportunity to meet, mingle, and be inspired and motivated by how Laura and the NorthStar Moving team embody their belief in “The Power of Giving Back.”

Photos from the day by Brooke Gardner.