Larger Than Life

larger than life logo-main-horzLarger than Life is the largest organization in Israel working to improve the lives and welfare of children afflicted with cancer and providing support for their families by creating happy experiences including annual dream trips to Disney World and Disneyland , establishing play rooms for hospitals across Israel, sponsoring life-saving medications for economically challenged families, assisting families who arrive to North America for surgery or treatment with all their needs: transportation, accommodation, visitors, homemade meals, toys, clothes, emotional support.

They have helped over 10,000 children face cancer using activities that focus on three fields:

Providing emotional and social support for the child and family. Their activities give them moments of happiness and reprieve from treatments, and new strength to keep facing their disease.

They work to strengthen Oncology wards in Israeli hospital by improving the quality of care, purchasing advanced equipment, funding medications not covered by the health system, funding positions for medical and social teams, building children’s play rooms and more.

They work to elevate public awareness and improve legislation related to children’s rights to get the best treatments. They also provide children with long term empowering activities that will ease their return to regular healthy life.

NorthStar Moving is happy to have the chance to do our part in lending Larger Than Life our bit of support by donation free storage in Los Angeles to the organization.