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The Lu Parker Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping save the lives of defenseless animals with the help of at-risk children. Their goals are to raise funds for environmental improvements within the Los Angeles animal shelters, promote responsible pet ownership, increase awareness and respect towards animals. Also the project encourages and fosters a sense of civic responsibility in Los Angeles youth. We applaud the Lu Parker Project for their mission of improving the lives of at-risk youth and homeless animals through direct service, education, and advocacy. We are happy to join them in this cause.

In April 2011, NorthStar Moving took part in the Lu Parker’s Project to help homeless dogs sleep better. The project’s volunteers included local teenagers from the Bresee Foundation as well as the Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Through the magic of volunteerism over one hundred and thirty beds for homeless dogs were assembled.

NorthStar Moving donated it’s services to transport the beds from the manufacturer to the assembly location at Sony Studios, assisted the other volunteers in building the beds and then delivered the assembled beds to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. Additional participating sponsors included Pizza Hut and Lucky Puppy.

We are proud to have taken part in this wonderful project and have to admit we had a lot of fun in the process. Here are some of the photos from that day, and a few inspiring videos showing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa working with the other volunteers, Lu Parker’s enlightening words to all the volunteers and the happy barking of the dogs excited to get their new beds. We even heard from the shelter volunteers that some of the dogs slept on their new bed the entire day after we left. No more cold concrete floors for these dogs!

Let’s hope these shelter dogs’ next home is even more comfortable because it’s with you! If you would like to make your life and a dog’s life happier please visit and consider adopting one of these remarkable friends.

View more photos from the event on Flickr

Please give to the Lu Parker Project and to the Bresee Foundation. Together we’ll all have something worth barking about!

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