Sustainable L.A.

Sustainable Los Angeles

As the official mover for the 2009 Downtown Film Festival in Los Angeles our company and partner E-Cycle Environmental exhibited at Sustainable L.A., the festival’s signature environmental program. We were chosen for our unique eco-luxury moving and storage services, which provided a bright green solution for the move and set-up of this special event.

Here is an excerpt of what Yahoo Finance had to say:

“In addition to greening the high profile film festival behind the scenes, NorthStar Moving and their partner E-Cycle Environmental will be exhibiting at Sustainable L.A., the free green event, to teach attendees how to move responsibly, without all the waste. Most people during the course of their move throw out more stuff than at any other time of the year. Computers, televisions, batteries, and a plethora of other electronic and large bulky items are often discarded during the moving process. NorthStar Moving and E-Cycle Environmental will address how to recycle these old household items domestically, ensuring that they are not shipped off to unregulated third world countries to be processed by highly toxic and polluting techniques. In addition, NorthStar Moving will share other eco-minded best practices such as the use of biodiesel moving trucks, recycled boxes, and eco-friendly storage”.

“We work closely with our clients to green their moves, and now we are proud to be a part of this important green educational event for the community”, said NorthStar Moving Corporation Co-Founder and Marketing Director Laura McHolm. From responsible recycling, biodiesel moving trucks, eco-friendly storage, and energy efficient warehouses and offices, we ensure that a move is green from beginning to end. We look forward to teaching the community how to green their own move at Sustainable L.A.

After four years, Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles and Sustainable L.A. are pleased to welcome a new sponsor who understands the needs and concerns of the entertainment industry, said Sustainable L.A. Event Director David Andrusia. We chose NorthStar Moving not only based on the company’s commitment to green, but also its unrivaled experience in the entertainment industry.

In addition to providing eco-luxury services to the general public, NorthStar Moving has worked with production companies such as NBC Universal Studios, Stan Winston Studios, The Jim Henson Company, and Soho House. We are pleased to add green moving to our list of sustainable lifestyle education at this highly anticipated event for both the eco-conscious and entertainment communities, added Andrusia.

About Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles is a nonprofit arts organization established to celebrate the current renaissance of downtown Los Angeles through the medium of motion pictures. The festival is dedicated to showcasing the diversity of the downtown L.A. communities by the presentation of independent films and related arts activities. The festival also pays home to the unique role that downtown L.A. played in the development of American cinema, as evidenced today by the early 20th century movie palaces that continue to grace its avenues and streets. For more information please visit