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The stars have aligned for your next move. 

Texas Star in front of Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

Moving to or from Texas? With NorthStar Moving taking care of your move to or from the Lone Star State, you know your move is written in the stars. Moving locally? Our Texas movers are thrilled to offer local moving in the Austin and San Antonio areas. Is your journey taking you across state lines? We’re experts in long distance moving. Whether you’re moving your home, office or business, our Texas movers are ready to show you why there’s a star in our name.

Let our Texas Movers get you on the right path to a smooth move. 

San Antonio River Walk smooth pathWe understand moving has many emotional twists and turns, that’s why our moving services cover more than just lifting moving boxes. Our Texas movers unparalleled level of service and customized care will make you feel like you’re floating along the canals of San Antonio. Whether you want us to do all the packing and unpacking for you, or you just need a few packing tips to get you started, our expertly trained movers will tailor the services to your needs. Not sure where to start on your moving journey? Learn how to choose the right moving company for your needs here. For all your other moving and packing questions along the way check out our pro moving tips here.

Our Texas Movers are taking moving to new heights.

Ferris Wheel at a state fair in TexasWith over 26 years of experience, NorthStar Moving award winning service is high above the competition. We have consistently earned more five-star reviews from our clients than most moving companies. We’ve won awards for just about everything: customer service, green initiatives, best places to work, growth and philanthropy. Don’t take us to the next state fair, we’ll probably win the pie eating contest too. With a proven history like that, you know we’ll be working hard to earn our next five stars from you.

We’ve got our thinking hats on. 

Texas cowboy hat NorthStar Moving is an eco-luxury moving company, As a result we are always looking for new ways to make moving greener and give back to our community. We have taken initiatives to  lower our carbon footprint, such as our recycled boxes program and fleet of biodiesel moving trucks. We’ve also learned more stuff gets thrown out on moving day than any other day of the year. As part of our commitment to reduce waste, we’ve partnered with charitable organizations in the community to recycle and donate unwanted items. Learn how you can make your next move greener here.

License Numbers: 

US DOT 1836576
ICC MC-665757
TxDMV 009181943C


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