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Camelback MountainDid you find your oasis in the Valley of the Sun? Whether your oasis is moving your home to or from Phoenix, NorthStar Moving will make sure you have it made in the shade on moving day. We know you love your year long sunshine. That’s why we want to make sure you’re out on the golf course or staying cool by the pool, while your Phoenix movers take care of your next local or long distance move. With over 25 years of moving experience, we know just how to make moving a breeze. Moving your business? Our Phoenix movers are equipped to handle your next office or commercial move and get you back in business as soon as possible.

Our Phoenix movers rock!

petroglyphs PhoenixPhoenix may break heat records but our Phoenix movers break records for earning the most five star reviews than any other moving company. Just as the petroglyphs tell stories of the past, our happy clients have recorded their moving experiences for you. Check out what our clients are saying about us and learn how you can enjoy a smooth move too. Selected as one of the 5 top-rated moving companies in Phoenix, Northstar Moving knows just how to make you feel like a rockstar. Be sure to read some of our moving tips that will be a stepping stone in the right direction. As members of the Arizona Moving Association NorthStar Moving is taking moving to new heights.

Our Phoenix movers will make your move blossom into a great experience. 

Botanical Garden PhoenixWhether you are as tough as a desert flower or as fragile as Chihuly glass, our Phoenix movers will adapt to your moving needs. From the planning to the packing and unpacking, you get to decide how much or how little you want to do on moving day. If you like to be prepared, our moving calendar will give you a six month head start to get ready for moving day. Just as we have love for our clients, we love for our planet too. Let’s make your next move a green move and keep our deserts blooming forever. Find out how you can save green by going green and recycling your moving boxes.

From precious heirlooms to your family’s memories, we will to protect your heritage.  

Rosson house PhoenixMoving day is more than just transporting boxes and furniture, it’s moving a home and relocating a life. That’s why our Phoenix movers offer a variety of services to help you prepare for the big day. From finding your pet a new sitter to transporting your donations to the Goodwill, our luxury packages are designed to cover the details of moving day. Pick and choose the services you need to fit your busy schedule and make your moving day a success. Are you more of the DIY kind of person? We have all the packing tips you’ll need to get started.


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