Pasadena Movers

With NorthStar Moving, your Pasadena movers
won’t rain on your parade.

Moving to or from Pasadena? Rosey!

Einstein Rose Bowl Parade Float

It takes a dedicated team to craft a single parade float. Our Pasadena movers apply the same level of enthusiasm to craft every client’s move. Whether you’re moving locally within the Los Angeles area (or locally anywhere within California), long distance (crossing state lines), intrastate moving within 100 miles in California (a fancy moving term that means a move within 100 miles staying in the same state), or even internationally, our Pasadena movers will find the right route for your move.

Our Pasadena movers are regular moving geeks.

If you’re interested in knowing absolutely everything that goes into your move, our Pasadena movers are happy to dish every little detail. We are the full service moving company that gives you all the facts up front so you can make an informed decision. To start, we have mind blowing moving and packing tips to teach you how to pack like our pro Pasadena movers. You can also check out our moving and packing videos to really get into the groove. Heck, with our moving expertise, we’ll have you geeking out like a Caltech graduate in no time.

Don’t know where to start? That’s okay, we do!

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and ready to let the mover geeks take over, our massively muscled Pasadena movers can coordinate your whole move safely and efficiently. Our Pasadena movers have numerous luxury packages that allow you to pick and choose exactly what level of service you prefer, whether you could use some organizational magic or just need to make preparations for your beloved pets. Our Pasadena movers can handle office moves with ease and take action with production moves. We’ll even pack and unpack for you if you choose. So kick back, relax, and let your Pasadena movers get things moving.

Castle Green, Pasadena CACastle Green? Sounds like our kind of place!

What does it mean to be a green company? It means that our Pasadena movers drive trucks that run on biodiesel, installed lift gates at the back of our trucks that can move up and down without the trucks running which reduces our carbon footprint significantly. We even have environmentally friendly packing supplies. That’s right, from the Eco Bubble and biodegradable paper to wrap your belongings to our box recycling service that lets you save some green when you return our boxes after your move, our Pasadena movers do their best to make sure you’re king of the greenest castle around.  

We’re the Pasadena movers that bridge the gap.

Colorado Blvd BridgeToo often folks think great service means über expensive. Well, we’ve bypassed that old notion. But, don’t take our word for it—our clients continuously lavish us with love. We’re the Pasadena movers that go the extra mile to make the process as painless as possible. This isn’t  just us bragging; our great reputation actually guarantees you great rates. Now, isn’t that rosey?


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