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Surf’s up! Let’s ride these waves all the way home.

Sunrise 5:35 by Flickr - macfusion (CC BY 2.0)Don’t get caught in the riptide alone. Let our Pacific Palisades movers help you navigate your way through the swells of moving day. Whether you’re heading closer to shore and moving locally or out of state for a long distance move, we’re stoked to make your move as smooth as possible. Even if the tide is taking you across international waters, we’ve got  all of your international moving needs covered. With over 20 years of experience our Pacific Palisades movers know how to get you where you need to go. Remember if you’re moving within California but over 100 miles away, we will be happy to help you plan for an intrastate move. Not sure where your final destination is? Chill out, we’ve got this. Our Pacific Palisades movers will move your belongings into our storage facilities until you’re ready to go.

Make your move a masterpiece with our Pacific Palisades movers.

The Getty Villa, Malibu by Flickr -  David JonesGet ready to strike a pose! Whether you’re taking in the view from the Getty Villa or rubbing shoulders with your new celebrity neighbors, make sure you’re moving in style. As the go-to moving company for A-list celebrities and the Getty, we have moving down to an art form. NorthStar Moving has earned more awards and five star reviews than any other moving company in Los Angeles. Sure we’ve made our share of cameos and headlines but what we love most is hearing what our happy clients are saying about us. Make sure you check out what all the buzz is about for yourself. 

Need a little time to yourself? Your Pacific Palisades movers have you covered.

20150102-DSC_0019 by Flickr -  vikramjamNeed to work on your balance? That’s where we come in. Our luxury moving services are designed to cover every last detail before, during and after moving day so you can get back to working on your warrior pose. From packing and unpacking your belongings to helping you find your Chi, our luxury services will save you all the stress of moving day. Browse the wide variety of services and tailor your move to your needs.  If you’re more of a do it yourselfer, no problem, we can even teach you how to pack.  Or, while you’re meditating at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple, we’ll be springing into action making your move as stress free as possible.

Hit the green while your Pacific Palisades movers make your move green.

Riviera Country Club by Flickr -  Dan Perry (CC BY 2.0)An eco-luxury moving company? Hole-in-one! Your car is hybrid, you shop local, so why should your moving company be any different? We love our beautiful planet Earth and want to keep it that way. From our fleet of Bio-diesel powered moving trucks to our eco-bubble packing materials, we’ve made moving eco-friendly. Our Pacific Palisades movers will even help you recycle your unwanted electronics or furniture and make sure they don’t end up filling another landfill. Play another round on the green knowing your Pacific Palisades movers are taking care of what matters most.


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