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Grand Canyon RainbowMoving to or from Arizona? Our Arizona movers want to make your next local or long distance move brighter than the desert sun. With breathtaking views and year-round warm weather, Arizona is a hot spot (pun intended) for many who are looking to relocate. Whether you’re moving along the beautiful canals of  Scottsdale or across the mesas near Phoenix, our Arizona movers are ready to get you moving. Need an extra hand planning your business or office move? Our Arizona movers will make it their business to get your business moved in. Our eco-luxury moving services will have you feeling like you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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the waveMoving can make anyone feel a little dizzy. Our Arizona movers are here to keep you steady from the planning to the packing and all the preparation in between. Not sure where to start? Check out how to choose the right mover for your moving day. Use our move calendar to plan your move ahead of time. Watch our packing videos and learn how to pack like a pro. Moving with kids or pets? Our moving tips will keep every member of your family happy on moving day.

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Meteor craterYou think fallen meteors leave a mark? Selected as one of the 5 top-rated moving companies in Phoenix, AZ, Northstar Moving is taking moving services to the next level. With over 20 years of moving experience we have earned more awards and five star reviews than any other moving company. We might be celebrity movers, but our pride and joy is making each move a stellar experience. From Angelina Jolie to your next door neighbor, we want to make every client feel like a star on moving day.

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Havasu FallsLike a cold glass of water on a hot summer day, our luxury services will quench all your moving desires. Are you wishing you had someone who could help you relocate your parents or grandparents? The Betty White package is just the thing for you. Alongside the National Association of Senior Moving Managers, our Arizona movers can provide assistance to older adults during their move. Whether it’s cleaning out closets or donating unwanted items to the community, our luxury services cover every detail of the move. You can do as much or as little as you want on moving day with our Arizona movers. If you prefer a hands on approach, we’d love to share with you all the packing tips you might need.

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