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Make your move a homerun with our West Hills Movers

West Hills Baseball FilterOur West Hills movers are making the crowd go wild with award winning service. With over 20 years of moving clients all over Los Angeles, we have a stellar record that would make us the M.V.P hands down. We are making headlines, moving celebrities and earning consistent five star reviews, but best of all  our clients love us! Just check out what they are saying about us for yourself. Get ready to do the wave because with NorthStar Moving at bat you know your next move is going to be a hit.

Everything’s coming up roses with West Hills movers by your side.

Orcutt Ranch West Hills FilterDo you ever wish you had a few extra hands to juggle all of your to dos? Your wish is our command! With West Hills movers assisting you with organizing and planning your move, no detail will go unnoticed. Our carefully designed luxury services cover everything from packing and unpacking to making your garden look as rosy as Orcutt Ranch. If you are more of a do-it yourself kind of person, no problem, we have all the packing videos and moving tips you need.

Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep your West Hills movers from getting you home.

Castle Peak West Hills FilterIs your move starting to look like an uphill trek on Castle Peak? Whether you’re an experienced mover or first timer, moving can be overwhelming when you are doing it on your own. That’s why your West Hills movers have mastered the art of moving to make it as easy a stroll in the park. Moving locally, long distance, interstate or internationally? No problem, we know the best route to get your belongings there safely. Looking to move your office or production? Our West Hills movers will get you moved and ready to start working in no time. From the first phone call to the last moving box, we’ll make sure you don’t take a wrong turn on your moving journey. If you encounter any delays along the way, no worries, our storage facilities are right around the block.

The grass is greener with West Hills movers.

Shadow Ranch West Hills filterStart your move in the right direction by making your next move eco-friendly. Our West Hills movers want to leave their mark on your community and not on your carbon foot-print. With our biodiesel moving trucks, moving box recycling incentives and our eco-bubble, we have made moving green a walk in the park. We have also designed luxury services that assist you in donating or recycling any of your unwanted belongings during your move. Whether it’s unwanted clothing, food or electronics, we will assist you in making sure they end up where they will be domestically recycled or donated instead of in a landfill.


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