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NorthStar Moving – every move with our Woodland Hills movers is made in the shade.

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Moving to or from Woodland Hills? That’s hot! The temperatures can rise in the Valley, but our Woodland Hills movers keep things cool all over Los Angeles county. Our commitment is to your comfort, whether that means helping you with some or all of the packing and unpacking for your swanky new Warner Center office move, or providing storage space for the things that won’t fit in your new home. For a more indulgent moving experience, our Woodland Hills movers offer a wide range of luxury packages sure to keep you feeling very chill. And if you’re still learning how to make your move the hottest one yet, let our Woodland Hills movers direct you to our moving and packing tips and videos. Super hot, right?

White Rabbit at Woodland Hills Fry'sOur Woodland Hills movers keep your move hoppin’.

Keeping things moving is important. That’s why our Woodland Hills movers never stop hustling. Whether you’re moving locally within Woodland Hills, moving locally anywhere inside California, having an intrastate move within California, moving your burrow long distance, or even moving internationally, your Woodland Hills movers will hop to any request. Make your move go as quick as a bunny. Your Woodland Hills movers keep things on track, no matter which rabbit hole you choose to head down.

The Hills are alive with the sound of moving!

Whether you’re relocating for a new job or just need to find a new home in a hurry, our Woodland Hills movers know how to navigate the hills and valleys in between, all while showing the planet a little love. And, we save your wallet green at the same time! Just like the students at Pierce College, who run their own co-op farm with sustainable agricultural (cue goats), your Woodland Hills movers are devoted to providing a more sustainable and green way of moving. We have made revolutionary green upgrades to our trucks (yep, we’re down with biodiesel), offer a box recycling program that saves you major green all to let the happy music from popping our biodegradable eco-bubble fill your new home.  Just to prove we’ve gone over the hill on this green stuff, we even have an eco-friendly fire-prevention Billy Goat package that keeps us in good favor with the lonely goatherd.

Our clients are the real center of attention

Warner Center is a hub of transportation, business and entertainment in Woodland Hills, but we like to make you the real center of attention. That’s why our clients lavish us with compliments. We believe the moving industry should be the ultimate customer service industry and our Woodland Hills movers treat your move as if it was their grandmother’s move. That loving care puts your move in the spotlight where it belongs.


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