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Moving to or from Long Beach?Long Beach Harbor

Looking for Long Beach movers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years of moving knowledge, our movers are eco-friendly and dedicated to helping the entire Los Angeles area move with ease. Whether you’re moving in or out of Long Beach, our Long Beach movers can help. If you’re looking to move less than 100 miles, be sure to check out our local moves page. If you’re moving more than 100 miles, check out our California Moves 100 Miles+ page. No matter where you’re moving to or from, our Long Beach movers are ready to set sail!


Long Beach OceanLong Beach movers to the rescue!

Cue the Baywatch-style running. Our muscles look great in our red shirts. Not only can our Long Beach movers move you locally, but our Long Beach movers can move you from state to state, too! Or, if you’re planning an international move, we can make it a walk on the beach. Our Long Beach movers are proud to be affiliated with a large network of international moving companies that can assist you with a move of any size.

Luxury at its finest.Queen Mary Long Beach

The Queen Mary is royalty, and in our book, you are, too. Whether you’re a king that goes down in the trenches and prefers the DIY moving style or a queen that knows how to delegate, our Long Beach movers want your move to be as luxurious as possible. We have plenty of luxury packages that can make you feel totally pampered. From pet care to home care to anything in between, our Long beach movers can take care of everything. For those that take matters into their own hands, we’ve got plenty of tips to share including packing videos, moving with kids tips and a moving calendar.

Long Beach Grand PrixSpeedy business moves.

We understand how important keeping your business going at full speed is to you. Our Long Beach movers are determined to move you to or from your office as efficiently as possible. We are able to handle any type of business move. Don’t forget to check out what other businesses have said about our Long Beach movers keeping them on track during their move. We take the racing flag as seriously as those grand prix racecar drivers do.

Swimming in our awards.Aquarium of the Pacific

We are very proud of our awards. In fact, we would probably be clapping our fins together if we had them. The Aquarium of the Pacific may be home to countless starfish, but we’re home to a ridiculous amount of five star reviews. Yep, our Long Beach movers have schools of fans. But, don’t take our word for it; see for yourself.


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