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Moving in or out of Encino?

Encino Velodrome: Photo by Flickr user- JBLivinAs Encino movers for over 20 years, NorthStar Moving Company can help you move faster than a Encino Velodrome race. Our biodiesel trucks can outrun any fixie (and they hold a lot more of your belongings, too). They also go a lot farther than any of those two-wheelers, so give us a call for all your Los Angeles moving needs. If you’re in need of Encino movers for a move within California that’s less than 100 miles, check out our local moves page. For those moves within California but more than 100 miles, head over to our California Moves 100 miles plus.

Ducks at Balboa Park Lake: Photo by Flickr user- Clotee Pridgen AllochukuNeed long distance Encino movers?

Moving from sunny California? NorthStar Moving Company can make a long distance move as pleasant as a stroll in Balboa Park. We’re more than just Encino movers, so we can move you from California, Arizona or Texas to any other state, but you can’t bring any of the Balboa ducks with you. Sorry.

Moving inside a state that isn’t California?

If you’re moving within California, Arizona or Texas, we’ve got you covered. Moving within any other state?So sorry, we can’t help you. Here’s how to find other movers that aren’t Encino movers: these how to choose a mover tips should help!

Moving internationally?

Quitting Encino for an international home, or vice versa? For any move between the United States and another county, NorthStar Moving Company makes your belongings’ voyage easy sailing by working with a vast network of Freight Forwarders (that’s jargon for international moving companies). Pick almost any spot on the globe, and our Encino movers can get your treasures there. Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

Award-Winning Encino Movers

Los Encinos Park: Photo by Flickr user- Clotee Pridgen AllochukuWhile we’re still waiting on our Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar nominations, NorthStar Moving Company is no stranger to award season glamor. Our moving performances as Encino movers have earned us awards and honors that put us on the A-List. And, for that we’d like to thank the Academy, err, we mean, our clients! Having service awards on our mantle means we do a great job at a great price. If your Encino movers haven’t won any service awards in the past, can you trust that you’ll give them one?

Full-Service Encino Movers

A lot goes into moving. Good thing our Encino movers help with everything! We can pack and unpack as little or as much as you need. Unlike other Encino movers, NorthStar Moving Company also offers a wide range of luxury packages to help make your move smooth.

And, do you need storage from our Encino movers? We have it! Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, NorthStar Moving Company’s storage facility is located easily enough a few miles north of Encino. Best of all, you only pay for the exact amount of space you need. That means more money for shopping on Ventura Boulevard!


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Header Photo Credit: Flickr user – Clotee Pridgen Allochuku