Simi Valley Movers

With NorthStar Moving as your Simi Valley movers, your move will be coming up roses!

Moving in or out of Simi Valley?

English bulldog

NorthStar Moving Company is ready to send our Simi Valley movers your way! Our Simi Valley movers can make your day as enjoyable as an outing to the dog park. Just yell “Fetch!” and we will come running. We can even help you keep your dogs pampered on moving day with our luxury packages! So, just how far are you throwing that frisbee? If you need Simi Valley movers for moving within Los Angeles, check out our Los Angeles movers page. Jump over to our local moves page for moves within California that are less than 100 miles. For Simi Valley movers to move you within California but more than 100 miles, click your way over to our California Moves 100 miles plus.

Need long distance Simi Valley movers?

Whether you’re moving out of California or coming to join us in the Golden State, our Simi Valley movers make a long distance move easy. We can move you from California, Arizona or Texas to any other state.

Moving internationally?

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Reagan's Air Force One

Whether you’re waving goodbye to Simi Valley or moving to Simi Valley from another country, our Simi Valley movers can assist you with all your moving needs. We wish we could borrow Air Force One from the Ronald Reagan Library to get your belongings to your new home. Instead, we do the next best thing. NorthStar Moving Company gives your belongings the presidential treatment it deserves by working with a highly skilled network of Freight Forwarders (that’s moving mumbo jumbo for international moving companies). We’ve even moved a head of state! Name a country, and our Simi Valley movers can get you there.

Award-Winning Simi Valley movers

Our Simi Valley movers pride themselves on excellent service and great business practices. We don’t want to toot the horns of our biodiesel trucks, but NorthStar Moving Company has won many awards and honors. From 5-star service to going green to reaching out in the community, our Simi Valley movers cruise at a pretty high altitude (which is why moving in Air Force One would be so cool!).

Full-Service Simi Valley movers

Simi Valley Cajun Creole Music Festival 2011

Let’s be honest: moving can be stressful and time-consuming. Thankfully, our Simi Valley movers can do just about everything to make that stress disappear and free up the time you would’ve spent completing your moving to-do list. You’re the boss, so you choose how much or how little you’d like us to do. Our Simi Valley movers are happy to move the boxes you’ve already packed, or you can take advantage of our packing and unpacking services, luxury packages and/or storage services. With our experience packing and moving everything from delicate items like you’d find in Grandma Prisbrey’s Bottle Village to that crawfish bib you kept from the Cajun & Blue Music Festival, your stuff is in good hands. Just make sure you save our Simi Valley movers a seat near the stage at next year’s festival.

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