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With NorthStar Moving, our Burbank movers will make your moving day fly by.

Bob Hope AirportAre you in search of Burbank movers? Well, look no further!  With over 20 years of moving know-how, our environmentally friendly, Los Angeles-based moving company is committed to helping you move! No matter where you’re moving to or from, our Burbank movers want to direct you to your destination! If you’re looking to move less than 100 miles, take a look at our local moves page. If you’re planning a move more than 100 miles within California, don’t forget to check out our 100 miles plus page. Whether you’re moving locally, internationally, or state to state, our Burbank movers want to assist you on your journey.

Lost in the Wildwoods? Our Burbank movers will guide you.

Vital Link TrailOur Burbank movers want your move to be as beautiful as a stroll through the canyon, which is why we provide a list of moving and packing tips to help you along the way. You can choose to pack yourself; we can do it for you, or anything in between. We also offer all types of luxury services, from home organization to family care. Whatever your needs are, our Burbank movers have your tracks covered.

It’s magic with our Burbank movers!

Disney Animation Studios

Burbank is home to the famed Walt Disney Studio, creator of many wonderful productions. If you’re looking to move your production, our Burbank movers would love a call-back. We have many years moving the entertainment industry. These are just a few of our happy clients: Dick Clark Productions and The Jim Henson Company. We know how important your production is to you, which is why we work behind the scenes to the get the job done right. We take the production out of moving your production.

Bobs Big BoyBox it up and take it to go with Burbank movers

I’ll take a cheeseburger with extra cheese, please. Yes, box it up to go! Our Burbank movers want to make sure you have enough boxes and supplies for the day of your move, which is why we have this menu to help you determine the amount of boxes you will need. We even have helpful videos to explain which items should go in each box. Our Burbank movers do it your way and we get the job done fast. Just like Bob’s Big Boy, our services are iconic.

BIG Happy Awards

Not only have we moved many well-known stars, our clients actually believe we are stars. How flattering! Oh boy! Need more convincing? Check out all of our service awards and client testimonials. Yep it’s a real big deal to us.


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