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Venice CanalsWhether you’re moving just down the canal or into more international waters, our Venice movers will make your move a smooth ride. Moving locally? No need to pile your kayak with boxes, we are happy to organize your next local move for you. If you’re staying in California but moving over 100 miles away, let us plan your next interstate move and make sure you follow all the state moving regulations. Moving out of state or out of the country? No problem our Venice movers can go the distance for your long distance and international moves. No matter where your next move is taking you, we are ready to go with the flow. Need a little storage between moves? Be sure to check out our eco-friendly storage services.

Let our Venice movers guide you through the madness.

Venice BoardwalkDoes moving day have you feeling like you’re lost in a crowd? Don’t worry we are here to guide you through the process. Leave the hustle and bustle behind on the Boardwalk and let your Venice movers make your move as stress free as possible. With over 20 years of moving clients all over Los Angeles, we have mastered the art of moving. Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you plan ahead and prepare for your move. Our moving tips and packing videos will prepare you to move like a pro. Not sure where to start? First check out how to choose a mover for your moving day.

Your Venice movers know you are one of a kind.

Orange houseDo you love standing out in a crowd? So do we! Your Venice movers know that no two moves are the same. That’s why we’ve designed an array of luxury packages to choose from that will make your move truly unique. Need an extra hand to organize your closets or to fluff Fluffy’s hair? With our luxury services, no detail will go unnoticed. From packing and unpacking to storage services, you decide how much or how little you want us to take care of. If you prefer to DIY your moving day preparation, then we have all the packing videos and moving tips you need! Let us make your move as awesome as you are.

Award winning service is not just a myth with our Venice movers

Venice Beach GraffitiMaybe you’ve heard about us from friends, seen us on TV or read all the wonderful things our clients are saying about us. Are you wondering what all the buzz is about? With more awards and five star reviews than any other moving company, our Venice movers are taking moving to new heights. As an eco-friendly moving company, we are not just dedicated to our clients we are dedicated to our planet and making sure we can keep doing what we love for a long time to come.

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